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25 December 1982
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Name: Agatha Turnstile.
Alias: Alert.
Age: 18.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Lesbian. Bisexual.
Habit/Neurosis: She has constant insomnia based on that she's paranoid to the point of that she will constantly look over her shoulder to see if anyone's there.

Personality: Calm and paranoid would be two good adjectives to describe Agatha. She's also very aware of her surroundings from her constantly observing them. Agatha's introverted to a point that she's considered a "mute", but she's just having continuining racing thoughts in her head that prevents her from going to sleep. However, once you get past all of that craziness, Agatha's pretty neat to be around. She's kind, caring and thoughtful, which is ironic considering her introverted personality and her quiet nature that's shown most often than not at Wammy's.

This doesn't mean that Agatha's not smart or intelligent. In fact, before she came to Wammy's, she was at the top of her class. This means that she's mostly preoccupied with a book or whatever she finds interesting to read at the time. At times, she will put the book down that she's reading and just stare off into nothingness, which is very common of her. When she begins to grow weary of her current location, she will frequently look over her shoulder and do this nearly five times, stop, then start it again.

If she doesn't get to sleep for a few days, she'll begin to twitch, like have sporadic twitches until she finally decides to go to bed, but her sleep will be interrupted by her constant paranoid feeling that she feels as if she's being watched from afar.

When she feels like she's worthless or what have you, she will self-loathe herself, a trait that's quite evident in itself when she feels like she's done something wrong. Her anxiety levels are very high as well and she worries when people reject her.

Appearance: The paranoid/insomniac young adult.
Physical Characteristics: She's about 5'7'' and has a pair of reading glasses with her when she really grows to a very dangerous state of insomnia.
Clothing: Alert loves her school uniform, but she wouldn't mind a pair of comfy pajamas and a hoodie to compliment it. She'll sleep in just about anything as long as it isn't cute or described as something to the affect of 'happy fluffy bunnies'. She'll stare at you and think you're crazy.
History on [A]lert.
Agatha's history is complicated. When she was born, the doctors discovered that she would have a problem sleeping and she did. No matter what her parents did, she was always awake until they had to keep her sleeping to help her growth. When she grew up, she went to see medical professionals and even psychologists in order to help her go to sleep. None of them worked, not even hypnotists. They alone just annoyed her and she didn't like to be annoyed. So, her parents had to restrain her to a bed and keep her sleeping whether or not it would be by a sedative or trying to reassure her that she would wake up. Eventually, she had a normal sleeping schedule, but it broke as soon as she almost didn't wake up one morning due to a very horrible nightmare where she was being tortured and killed.

As time passed, Agatha became interested in learning about many things that only worsened her insomnia attacks. She would study intensely for a test and would do nothing but read her textbooks. In school, she would constantly look over her shoulder and most of the kids told her that it wasn't acceptable, so she grew tired of explaining to them that she has insomnia and that it can't be cured at the moment, so she just shuts up and puts up with it.

When they saw that Agatha was unable to get help, they gave her up to an orphanage seeing as they were unfit parents which drove them to suicide, which Agatha luckily did not see them kill their selves. When she was in the orphanage, her paranoia and insomnia worsened even more to where she would stay up for a week and not even feel tired. Her paranoia, on the other hand, was increasing because she was being located to another location in which she was shaking at the fact that her peace was being disturbed greatly. She was asked to do a few tests in order to go to another orphanage called "Wammy's House". Intrigued, she took them and was eventually sent to Wammy's House. With Wammy's, Agatha, or when she received her new name, Alert, she inspected each and every one of them. Being in an entirely new location was frightening for her and she increased the number of times she looked over her shoulder. She yawns constantly and she recently found out that she's addicted to coffee in which she finds immense warmth and comfort in.

z_aviel - Z or Zaviel. Her lover and her fiancee. Would do anything and everything for him.
forever_fleeing - Mlenar; younger unrelated brother. She gives him Pepsi and borscht all the time.
Other inform[a]tion.
Alert is roleplayed by Liz for the_succession. Her played by is Kuchiki Rukia from the popular anime Bleach. Modifications for the picture were done by vore. This is not meant to be taken seriously, yadda yadda yadda that usual RP disclaimer shit.
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